Ipswich launch their 2012/2013 kits on… a farm

Fully living up to their nickname of the “Tractor Boys,” Ipswich have launched their new kits for 2012/2013 with a new viral video, set on a farm.

Aside from the fact that the current season is still a fair few weeks from completion and that no other club in England is seemingly even close to launching their new shirts, the decision to play up to what is often a derogatory tag is an interesting move by the Championship club.

According to legend, the “Tractor Boys” chant was started by Suffolk pub side Earl Soham in the semi-finals of the Sunday Cup at Anfield in 2000. But Ipswich supporters have been split over whether the nickname was a fun reference or a way to take the mickey.

Our pals at Mediwatch 365 also point out the absurdity of club legend and European Cup winner John Wark dressing as a farmer…

The new Ipswich kit viral can be seen here.