Introducing 101+

Some of you may well have noticed an additional tab added to 101 Great Goals in the past few hours. We are very excited to introduce 101+, which can be accessed from the top left hand side of the website.

101+ provides a much more streamlined version of 101gg and is in effect a personalised player with the teams and players you want to follow. As the blurb says: “be the first with your teams’ goals and log on to what you want to watch, when you want to view it.”

Whilst we strive to make 101 Great Goals a global website with goals from all over the world it is clear that some teams and players are more popular than others.

Teams and players will of course be added in the coming weeks and we look forward to your feedback, so don’t be shy.


NOTICE: To all those who signed up to 101+ but failed to receive the confirmation email, please note that everything has now been fixed and please re-sign up in order to access to 101+.