Internacional & Estudiantes involved in a punch-up after their Copa Libertadores match (video)

Brazilian outfit Internacional qualified for the semi-finals of the Copa Libertadores on Thursday evening by beating Argentinian side Estudiantes on away goals, however the match was spoiled after the full-time whistle when the two sides became involved in a punch-up.

The spark for the violence came when an argument between Internacional goalie Roberto Abbondanzieri and Esudiantes defender Leandro Sabato spiralled out of control. The warring twosome became embroiled in some argy-bargy, and that quickly spread between the two sets of players.

Internacional’s reserve goalkeeper Lauro came on to help Abbondanzieri and hit Desabato from behind before fleeing into the dressing room. Police tried to control the players, but several punches were exchanged amid the chaos.

Footage of the deplorable scenes can be seen here.