Inter legend Javier Zanetti snaps his Achilles tendon: “It hurts, but I’ll overcome it”

Argentine legend Javier Zanetti, who will turn 40 in August, may have played his final ever match on Sunday as Inter Milan lost 1-0 away at Palermo.

Zanetti was stretchered off the pitch just 17 minutes into the game in Sicily after an innocuous collision with Palermo defender Salvatore Aronica, and immediately fears for the Inter hero were high.

According to the most updated reports, Zanetti snapped his Achilles tendon and will definitely be out for six months. One suspects that if that prognosis is to change, it is only going to get longer.

What made Zanetti’s injury so freakish is that it’s the first time in his career that the ful-back has ever pulled up from a muscular injury or break.

Zanetti gave his fans hope that he’ll return to the pitch, telling reporters: “At a certain point I felt a pull and it hurt so much. It still does. But I will overcome this.”

Footage of Javier Zanetti’s injury at Palermo can be seen below.