Inside the strategy how Man United’s David Moyes recruited players at Everton [BBC radio]

The Independent on Sunday’s journalist Michael Calvin appeared on BBC radio on Monday night to discuss his unique insight to the strategy how Man United’s David Moyes recruited players at Everton.

Michael Calvin gained his exclusive access to the inner-working of Moyes’ recruitment tactics during his research for his new book “The Nowhere Men”, a book about football scouts.

Calvin’s opening remark was to hail the “brilliant simplicity” of David Moyes acquisition structure at Everton, whilst he opined that his observations at Finch Farm gave an insight “into the man… a visualisation of his principles, and a distillation of his philosophy.”

Calvin then told his story of Moyes’ four whiteboards.

Board 1 listed the most promising new foreign players, containing around five thousand reports on approximately thousand players. Board 2 listed Everton’s “real live targets”. Board 3 contained lists from his senior staff’s list of their favourite under-26, outside-the-top-6 Premier League players.

Finally Board 4 detailed Everton’s first team, which not only contained all the squad salient physical and contract details, but also saw Moyes’ projected squads for the next three seasons.

Calvin then projected his experience into how he thinks Moyes’ strategy at Old Trafford will play out.

There is a lot of trite nonsense being spoken about David Moyes is trying to turn Manchester United into Everton. Well he’s not!

What the Everton experience informs us about Moyes is that at Everton he spent money as if it is was his own. Now, he doesn’t have quiet the pressure at Manchester United, but he’ll still he’ll still be looking for value in the market, still looking for those unheralded gems which are the essence of scouting. [Moyes] bridges the philosophical divide in football in terms of recruitment.