Jokes: Mario Balotelli larks about at training before receiving a giant bobble-head of himself

Fans of Mario Balotelli will have disappointed that the Italian was on the pitch at the Etihad Stadium on Sunday.

Amid furious rumours that Inter Milan want to resign the striker sooner rather than later, Balotelli was dropped from the Manchester City squad who beat Tottenham 2-1.

But those needing their Mario fix will be satisfied by some new footage of everyone’s favourite mischievous Italian, which was posted online by the Citizens’ YouTube channel on Friday.

The segment blended together two incidents at City’s training ground last week. Firstly, Super Mario was filmed messing about at training as the flopped on the floor only to be pelted by a football at the end of one session, and later the young attacker was presented with a giant bobble-head statute of himself which he happily signed and had pictures taken with.

Watch the Mario Balotelli footage below, while after the fold see a picture of how the centre-forward has ruined a Bentley Continental with a camouflage paint job.