Insanity in South Africa as a fan invaded the pitch & attacked the referee with a vuvuzela

Until Saturday the biggest crime a vuvuzela committed was noise pollution. Not anymore.

A crazy fan, most likely a supporter of Kaiser Chiefs (however this is not yet known for sure), managed to storm on to the pitch during the Chiefs home game against the Golden Arrows, where he assaulted the match referee with his vuvuzela.

The fan used his plastic trumpet as a weapon, whacking it at the referee’s head in one of the maddest assaults we’ve seen for some time.

After executing his initial attack, the fan amazingly had time to gather himself as he went to launch a second hit on the official, however the fan was eventually stopped in his tracks when a couple of security men finally appeared on the scene to manhandle the thug to the floor.

Watch pictures & video of the unbelievable fan attack on the referee with his vuvuzela below.