Insanity in Brazil as Canedense fans hurl a bomb into the Vila Nova dressing room after a defeat (video)

Scarcely is football violence as brutal as what happened in Brazil on Tuesday night.

Canedense took on Vila Nova in the local Campeonato Goiano championship in a match which the visitors won 2-1, but unable to hide their frustrations at seeing their home team lose, a couple of mental supporters reacted by hurled a homemade bomb into the visitors’ dressing room.

A spokeswoman for the Senador Canedo police force reported that at least one player from the visiting team and a city councilman were hurt in the blast.

At the same time as the bomb blast, the Vila Nova players became involved a fierce brawls with the locals, with several players caught fighting with Canedense fans before local police stepped in to try and restore order.

Footage of the horrendous scenes, including footage of a Vila Nova being carried into an ambulance after being injured in the bomb blast, can be seen here and here.

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