MAD! Bandits in Brazil shirts shoot AK-47s for 35 seconds after a penalty at an amateur football match in Rio

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For the record, it’s 29 days until the World Cup starts in Brazil.

An incredibly loud and scary video has been recorded at an amateur football match in Rio, Brazil, in which a converted penalty was met by live gunfire of AK-47s yards away from the pitch, and right next to supporters at the game.

After a team dressing in the colours of the Selecao scored from the spot, ‘bandits, as they’ve been referred to in the local press, fired their weapons in the air for fully 35 seconds.

The video was originally shot on May 4th, and it’s grown in views through sharing on WhatsApp.

The incident happened in Bangu, in the west of Rio de Janeiro.

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Watch the incredibly LOUD video below.

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