Shocking! Brazil ref stabs a player to death, fans lynch the ref & cut him up into quarters

A sickening story has broken in Brazil involving two murders stemming from an amateur football match.

A match in Maranhão, in the north east of Brazil, finished with two barbaric crimes last Sunday, June 30.

According to local reports, referee Otávio Jordão da Silva (20) stabbed footballer Josemir Santos Abreu (31) to death after the referee was assaulted and verbally abused by the player during the game. The referee reportedly had a knife with him at the match.

After realising Josemir was dead, family and friends of the player invaded the pitch where they lynched referee Otávio.

The lynching was outrageous, as not only did the crowd kill the referee, but they ended up cutting the official into quarters while decapitating him and sticking his head on a stick on the pitch.

Horrific, blurry pictures of the murdered referee have surfaced, and those images can be seen below the fold.

Directly below is a picture of Josemir Santos Abreu.