Insane Story: A 51-year-old goalie in Bosnia played a match with a bullet lodged in his head

A crazy story is being reported by Sarajevo media concerning a 51-year-old goalie who played 90 minutes after a bullet got lodged in his head.

Dusko Krtalica, an amateur goalie in Bosnia, complained about having a headache during a match last weekend only to find out he was lucky to be alive after getting shot in the head.

After the match Krtalica complained that his arm was numb and he was also said to have had trouble talking. Immediately the man was taken to the hospital for tests.

Once under the hospital’s care the 51-year-old was given an x-ray, where it was discovered that he had a bullet lodged in the side of his temple.

Biljana Jandric, a spokeswoman for Clinical Center of the University in Sarajevo, later told reporters:

During operation a foreign object was removed from the head of the patient. After the surgery he was transferred to the Intensive Care in Neurosurgery Clinic. For now his vital signs are stable.

According to police the stray bullet is thought to have hit the goalie from after somebody shot a gun in celebration during a nearby wedding. In total, 12 gun shells were found by police in close proximity to the football pitch. A 42-year-old has since been arrested.

How Dusko Krtalica survived the freak incident, let alone played a 90 minute football match, appears to be a miracle.

An image of x-ray showing the bullet in the goalie’s head can be seen on the graphic below.

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