Insane CCTV: Samsunspor survive a bus crash with a train. Yes, you read that correctly!

Jesus Christ!

Turkish top flight outfit Samsunspor survived a mega-disaster on Tuesday night after their team bus suffered a side-on collision with a train as the vehicle passed over a crossroad. The crash occurred during Samsunspor’s bus ride home following a 2-1 loss at Kardemir Karabukspor.

Making the episode all the more frightening was the fact that the collision was recorded by a CCTV camera.

The images captured the moment the Samsunspor bus crossed over a roundabout onto a train crossroad seconds before an onrushing train slammed into the back of the bus.

Miraculously, not only were no players killed in the shocking crash, but only 23-year-old defender Hakan Arslan and 24-year-old midfielder Serdar Ozkan were injured in the accident.

Speaking to the press, bus driver Recep Terzi explained “It was midnight. The ramps were up when I was about to cross. While slowly crossing, I realized a train was approaching and had its lights off. I immediately accelerated. After I stepped on the gas, the train hit the left back wheel of the bus and pushed us aside. If I had not seen the train at the last second, it would have hit the middle of the bus and that would have led to great damage and could have even cost many lives. The players awoke in panic; many later said they were lucky to have survived.

Whilst not wishing to cast too many aspersions on Terzi’s testimony (which kind of positioned him as the new Sully Sullenberger), it must be pointed out that the CCTV footage clearly shows that the train had it’s lights beaming at the moment of impact.

It should be noted that Samsunspor experienced a similar train-crash accident twenty-three years ago in which the technical director, the driver and three players died.

Watch the incredible CCTV footage of the Samsunspor bus/train crash here.