INSANE: A crazy Russian lino punches and kicks a youth player in the head, gets life ban

Russian linesman Musa Kadyrov has been served with a lifetime ban from football after a shocking assault during a reserve match.

Kadyrov lost the plot during last Friday’s game between Amkar and Terek where the man in yellow began punching and kicking Amkar’s Ilya Krichmara in one of the most shocking incidents of football violence seen this season.

Split-seconds after time had been called, Chechen linesman Musa Kadyrov dropped his flag and began beating up Krichmara. No reason for Kadyrov’s violent explosion has been forwarded.

Whilst Kadyrov’s violence was appalling, the behaviour of the Terek players on seeing an opponent getting attacked was equally deplorable.

Several Terek players took the chaos as an opportunity to rough up their opponents, however any brawl was snuffed out as players and coaches quickly spilled out on the pitch as the mayhem ensued.

The Russian FA have moved quickly to punish Musa Kadyrov, and few will have complaints about the lifetime ban which has now been isused.

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Watch the insane footage of the Russian lino assaulting a footballer for no good reason below.

 (Credit to @VodkaFootball for the tip off)