Injury FAIL! A Belgium lino gets KO’ed by a piece of cardboard (Lierse – Zulte Waregem)

Almost a year since the match between St Pauli and Schalke was abandoned two minutes before the final whistle after a linesman was hit by a plastic beer cup, another wimpy referee’s assistant injury has been spotted in Belgium.

Last Saturday’s Jupiler League match between Lierse and Zulte Waregem was held up early in the second half when the linesman, Frederick Geldhof, tumbled onto the pitch after being hit by a projectile on the back of his head.

Minutes later the rogue missile was fingered by Wesley Sonck; a rock solid piece of cardboard.

Whilst we clearly do no support the use of missiles on officials, players or supporters, getting knocked out to the extent that medics are needed to inspect the wounds left by a piece of cardboard is just far too pansy in a game that spawned the likes of Dave McKay, Bert Trautmann and Terry Butcher.

Perhaps most embarrassing of all was the lino’s attempt at excusing his actions after the match.

Geldhof: “My head was struck by an object. and I thought it was a block of ice. I was dizzy and thought I would faint… I heard later that it was a piece of cardboard.. It’s no laughing matter. I am father of two children and my daughter sent a text message because she was worried.”

Watch the soft Belgian lino get KO’ed by a piece of cardboard here.