An Indonesian ref is punched in the face, his shirt gets soaked in blood after dodgy penalty call

One of the most shocking assaults of the season occurred in Indonesia on Sunday night as a referee was punched in the face after awarding a controversial penalty.

Pelita Bandung Raya picked up a 2-1 win over Persiwa in round 15 of the ISL, however the match came to a standstill in the 80th minute after ref Wasit Muhaimin was violently assaulted for pointing to the spot.

The mayhem started when Persiwa’s Nigerian centre-half O.K. John executed a brilliant two-footed lunge in his own box to snuff out a Pelita attack and divert the ball out for a corner. The referee, however, had a different view of events.

In a poor analysis of the situation ref Muhaimin immediately pointed to the penalty spot, which in turn sparked outrage from the visitors.

What happened next, though, was totally unacceptable.

Pissed at the official’s poor call, Persiwa’s number 10, Pieter Rumaropen, stormed over to the man in yellow and, without warning, punched the referee in the face in a cowardly attack from behind.

Muhaimin was left with a blood stained shirt and the match was held up for ten minutes as the referee received medical attention. Rumaropen was unsurprisingly also sent off in the lengthy stoppage, while Pelita eventually scored form the spot to win the match.

Watch the unbelievable Indonesian assault below.