Individual match highlights: Ronaldinho’s Flamengo debut

“After so long without playing, I need to get rhythm, adapt to my team mates whom I have never played with, I have nothing but thanks for my team mates who received me with open arms and these marvelous fans… It’s one of the happiest days of my life.”

Since Ronaldinho returned to Brazil from AC Milan, the buck-toothed one has been wowing us on the training ground, last night he made his debut from Flamengo in a 1-0 win over Nova Iguacu.

To recap, among the Ronaldinho Flamengo training ground highlights in the past few weeks we have seen among the highlights have included “the behind-the-goal-goal” and yesterday’s impudent skill where he back heeled a ball into a net.

In his first match back playing for a Brazilian club in 10 years, Ronaldinho looked most threatening from free-kicks which he whipped in for his Flamengo team mates.

There were of course also some fine flicks, tricks and shimmies and a fair few efforts on goal but the deciding moment of the match came from substitute Wanderley.

Ronaldinho’s performance v Nova Iguaco is on this video.

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Highlights of Flamengo 1 – Nova Iguaco 0.

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