Individual Match Highlights: John Terry (Chelsea) vs Arsenal

Love him or hate him (and we suspect most side with the latter option), Chelsea captain John Terry shrugged off his recent off-field problem with a stellar performance against the Gunners on Sunday.

Terry’s key moments arrived when the Blues’ skipper rose high to flick on a Malouda corner after just seven minutes which Drogba eventually turned over the line, and with a brilliant piece of leadership to orchestrate a Chelsea counter-attack from back to front after Terry won possession in his own penalty box.

Commenting on Terry’s performance on Match of the Day 2, Garth Crooks couldn’t resist dropping in a couple of blatant innuendos, referring to Terry’s ongoing “love-affair” with the Chelsea fans, before ending off his analysis referring to Terry’s “balls of steel.”

John Terry’s highlights against Arsenal can be seen here.