Independiente – Union Santa Fe (Argentina Primera B) suspended, 4 firearms found near stadium, 33 barras bravas arrested

The battle against the inherent violence in Argentine football goes on.

The authorities took the swift decision to suspend the Primer B game between Independiente and Union Santa Fe, after an arsenal of weaponry, including 4 guns and dozens of knives, was uncovered in an abandoned warehouse near the stadium.

33 members of the barras bravas were arrested by the Aprevide (Agency for the Prevention of Violence in Sport, and in such a climate of violence and fear, it was decided against playing the match, with fans of both sides told to stay away.

Oscar Boccalandro, a representative of the Aprevide, said: ‘It’s the most practical solution. In such circumstances football can’t be played, we have to above all protect lives.

(Via Ole)

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