In Pictures: Two Japanese footballers reveal their energy attack superpowers on Twitter

Its been a brilliant start to the J-League season for Yokohama F. Marinos.

Four games in, Yokohama have begun their campaign with four straight wins to open up an early two-point advantage at the top of the Japanese standings.

Capitalising on their early season success, two Yokohama players have revealed their secret superpowers on Twitter on Monday.

Marino’s midfielder Shingo Hyodo and forward Manabu Saito posted pictures onto the micro-blogging website showing off their amazing Makankosappo/Kamehameha superpowers.

Whats Makankosappo/Kamehameha you ask?

Makankosappo/Kamehameha are a special energy attack-moves popularised by the manga-turned-anime-turned-movie Dragonball Z series, and fans of the show across Japan are currently getting swept away in posting pictures of their skills online.

See Shingo Hyodo and Manabu Saito’s awesome pictures below, while a few more non-footy examples of the latest Asian craze since Gangnam Style can be seen below the fold.