Man United, Arsenal, Spurs & Liverpool fans unite to protest for fans’ rights in football

#FootballWithoutFansIsNothing. #AllTogetherNowJ19.

An amazing sight was witnessed in central London on Wednesday as fans of Manchester United, Arsenal, Tottenham and Liverpool all banded together to protest against the treatment of supporters in modern day football.

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For too long supporters have been exploited with their loyalty taken for granted. Ticket prices have risen far beyond inflation and this has already seen supporters priced out of their game.

With the ever increasing money in the modern English game, the benefits for supporters should be improving alongside the increase in wealth. But instead the football clubs and authorities rely on the rivalries of supporters to allow them to exploit those same supporters. 

In the FA’s 150th year we find that the ethos of the game in this country does not represent the same values with which the game was formed. Clubs tell us they need more money to be able to compete, that they need to charge more for tickets because other clubs do. The Premier League tell us that it is the clubs’ choice and that they are powerless in changing anything.

All parties hide behind excuses expecting supporters to just accept them and begrudgingly continue to pay the high ticket prices to pay high paid footballers further extortionate amounts. They expect us to want to pay more to be able to pay a footballer who wears our shirt for a brief time even more money in the hope that it allows the club to finish higher to get even more money to pay those footballers even more.

Supporters from different clubs are uniting to make a stand so that clubs cannot use the line they charge more so we have to, or that the Premier League cannot just say well attendances are good so everyone must be happy.

A series of images from the demonstration can be seen below.