In Pictures: Liverpool fans rejoice at John Henry telling Arsenal that Suarez isn’t being sold

Luis Suarez is going nowhere. That’s according to Liverpool’s billionaire owner John W Henry.

The big news splashed across several on England’s newspapers on Friday is that Liverpool’s mega-rich American owner has gone on the record to categorically deny that the Anfielders will sell Suarez to Arsenal.

Famously, several weeks back John Henry tweeted “What are you smoking at the Emirates” as noises that Arsenal were chasing Suarez started to get louder.

Overnight the American has ramped up his anti-Arsenal rhetoric will a couple more zingers along with his unequivocal statement “We are not going to sell Luis. It’s a football reason. It’s not finances.”

Reaction to Henry’s comments have been quick to flow, and a handful of excellent pictures and memes have been whipped up to mark the Liverpool’s owners thoughts on Arsenal’s approach for Suarez.

Below are a series of the best images floating about this Friday.