In Pictures: Cristiano Ronaldo makes a series of sex faces in a new video for a Facebook game

Cristiano Ronaldo has gone into the football apps business.

The Real Madrid forward recently launched a new Facebook app game called “Cristiano Ronaldo Footy”, and now a video has been released by game-makers Hooplo Media to help boost the game’s popularity.

The idea of the video was as vanilla as you get: stick Cristiano Ronaldo in front of an Apple computer, get him to play the game and film what happens.

Yet there appears to be just one snag with the production of this new video, as rather than looking engrossed by the computer game Ronaldo displayed a series of sex faces throughout the commercial.

On the other hand, that probably will play into the marketeers hands to make this video go viral even quicker.

Pictures of Cristiano Ronaldo’s sex faces can be seen below, while the video can be seen below the fold.