In Pictures: Burnley fans trashed Blackburn’s toilets after drawing 1-1 at Ewood Park

The Lancashire derby between Blackburn and Burnley was always set to be a feisty affair, however pictures which emerged after fulltime at Ewood Park were shocking.

After David Dunn rescued Rovers a point with a 95th minute equaliser against Burnley, fans of the visitors took out their frustrations on the Blackburn toilet facilities.

The scenes looked like a war zone.

Burnley fans wrecked a toilet facility from top to bottom, ripped down fixtures, the ceiling and the vent in appalling scenes.

It is not yet known whether Blackburn will be asking for compensation from Burnley for the repair costs to their ground.

The battered toilet was just one of several galling images during the derby, as the tension in the ground was illustrate by a line of police separating fans in the stadium while footage of a young Blackburn fan giving Burnley the finger was also spotted at the match.

The images can be seen below.