In Pictures: A Turkish couple become a local news story after calling their newborn son Messi

A couple in Turkey’s Kurdish Adiyaman region have become famous overnight after calling their newborn son Ali Umut Messi.

The baby’s father, Rafet, is a massive Barcelona and Lionel Messi fan, and the new father told local news that he hopes his son can emulate the Argentine footballing god.

Rafet told Turkey’s CNN:

I promised myself that I would name my child after a player that sets an example to the world both with his technique, his intelligence and his manners. I’ve been following Messi since he came to Barcelona and he is the exact kind of player that I thought of when naming my son.

Apparently Messi’s mother, Nurgül, had no problems naming her son after the Barca number ten either.

Photos of the Turkish Messi can be seen below, along with a Turkish news report on the story.

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