In Full: Watch Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s debut press conference at PSG

The biggest transfer deal of the year has now been completed.

Swedish star Zlatan Ibrahimovic has joined mega-wealthy Paris Saint-Germain from AC Milan. The big-spending Ligue 1 side have signed Ibra to a three-year contract, and the player is set to earn around €14m a year in wages.

Plenty of non-scientific, smart-ass stats are making the rounds regarding the money involved in this deal.

On the one hand, Zlatan will earn €35,000 a day with PSG which is more than the average man in Sweden earns in a year. On the other hand, PSG’s double signing of Zlatan and Thiago Silva (costing approximately £51.3m) is cheaper than what Liverpool shelled out for Jordan Henderson and Andy Carroll (approximately £55m).

Yet, despite the subject of money being so ingrained into most people’s understanding of the Zlatan transfer, relatively few questions about finances were raised in Ibrahimovic debut press conference in Paris.

Instead the event turned into the ‘Zlatan show’, as the striker (who received questions in French, Italian and Swedish, yet only replied in English) wheeled out a series of paper-friendly quotes for the hungry hoards of pan-European hacks.

I think they’ve made something that looked impossible, possible. I’m very happy to be sitting here. After lots of talks, I’m finally a PSG player. It’s a big step in my career, another dream come true… I’m joining a dream team… and they’ve bought the best defender in the world, Thiago Silva. As long as I have him behind me, I don’t need to look back.

It’s true I don’t know that much about Ligue 1 but Ligue 1 knows who I am. It’s like a dream team. I’m going to play with some of the best players of the world. I believe in this project.

What Zlatan’s full debut presser below.