Sara Carbonero: ‘Real Madrid’s dressing room is not in a good state right now’

Rumours of a mutiny at Real Madrid continue to surface this Tuesday following a TV report by Iker Casillas’ girlfriend Sara Carbonero aired on Monday night.

For anyone not following the story closely, here’s a recap of events to date.

Last Thursday Madrid newspaper Marca ran the story that senior Los Blancos stars Iker Casillas and Sergio Ramos told Real president Florentino Perez that either Jose Mourinho leaves the Santiago Bernabeu at the end of the season or they’ll quit the club.

That drew a fiery response from Real president Florentino Perez. Calling an urgent press conference Perez slammed Marca as liars:

I am breaking my rule of not talking about the day-to-day of the club in order to say that it is absolutely false. There no ultimatum nor anything or the sort. What has been said is not true.

Marca, however, would not be silenced that easily, and the paper reacted by splashing another powerful front page which read “Marca No Miente” – “Marca Does Not Lie”.

Fast forward to Monday night, and Iker Casillas’ well-known media missus Sara Carbonero took to the air on Spanish TV to give her insight into the melee in Madrid.

It goes without saying that Carbonero stands in a unique position in reference to the Madrid mutiny as the journalist not only has access to all the available media sources, but she also snuggles up to one of the central protagonists in the story, Iker Casillas.

As translated by Lukaszpodolski.tumblr, Carbonero said the following:

Days before Iker Casillas’ injury, there was a lunch meeting between the captains and Florentino Perez. He enjoys going out to lunch with Iker Casillas and Sergio Ramos to talk about several issues- family, the dressing room, etc… And well, our fellow journalists from Marca published a bombshell, a cover story in which they said that Iker and Sergio placed [Florentino] between a rock and a hard place.

Basically, they gave him an ultimatum in which he’d have to choose between them, or the coach, Jose Mourinho. They even gave him a list of players that would not continue with the team if the Portuguese did not leave. Immediately after the release of the cover story, the president wanted to give an urgent press conference, and I have to say, that is not like him, he does not usually do this, and he did it to say that what our peers had published was not true, that it was a lie, and that they only talked about money, family, and other dressing room happenings, but that the players never blackmailed him.

We saw him upset, and rather nervous, which leads us to believe that the dressing room is not in a good state right now. Whether there was blackmail or not, we like to believe there wasn’t, but what is obvious is that the players do not get along at all with their coach, and that there is a split between the players. We’ll have to wait until the end of the season to see if Mourinho finally leaves because he has many active war fronts here in Real Madrid.

And so it goes on.

Watch Sara Carbonero’s TV segment below.