Ice cold! Brazil legend Ronaldo says pressure doesn’t affect Neymar [Video]

Brazil legend Ronaldo has said that he doesn’t think that current maestro Neymar is affected by the pressure of carrying the Brazil side.

Brazil have failed to impress at this World Cup, often relying on the brilliance of Neymar to break down opponents.

Ronaldo said about the Brazil team: “I also think they don’t play well but it’s not easy if you play without a number 9; my advice would be to run around more and try to score more goals.”

On Neymar, Ronaldo said: “I see Neymar and I don’t think that he really thinks about pressure. He’s very clam and relaxed and he’s like a kid; he’s just thinking of playing well and scoring goals.”

In the video below, Ronaldo also predicts a tactical change by Brazil boss Scolari for the match with Colombia.