ITV’s awkward commentary in the storm: Ian Wright’s laugh, Lee Dixon’s unanswered question & Hoddle’s invisible mic

ITV were dealt a curve ball on Saturday night during their coverage of England versus Honduras as the match was interrupted for 30 minutes for an electrical storm.

With lightning raging, rain pouring, and temperatures soaring, the much maligned Adrian Chiles was forced to keep audiences entertained as they waited for the game to get back on.

Chiles, along with pundits Ian Wright, Lee Dixon and Glenn Hoddle, struggled handle the pressure of winging it on live TV, and that produced a couple of comedy TV moments.

Ian Wright showed off his awkwardness when he laughed far too loudly to an awful joke from Chiles about England’s lack of a weather man in their touring party.

Lee Dixon also produced a couple of comedy moments as he first was unable to ask a burning question, before he furiously kept eye-balling someone off camera as the chaos played out.

Finally, Glenn Hoddle brilliantly brought out an invisible microphone which he held up with a strong hand (see above).

See the clips from ITV’s rubbish commentary below.