Iago Aspas learned just 1 English word in his entire year at Liverpool [MARCA]

Marca have carried out an interesting study of the recent Spanish Invasion of the Premier League from a linguistic angle, which has seen a massive influx of La Liga players move to England.

Due to the massive disparity in financial clout between the Premier League and La Liga, Spanish footballers have been moving en masse to England in recent years, where they can earn more at a Championship club than at some La Liga clubs.

Marca have looked at the English proficiency of those who have made the move, and it’s fair to say there are extremes at both end of the scale.

Where Cesc Fabregas has become as fluent as a Londonder (granted, he moved very young), other players have struggled with the language of Shakespeare.

Iago Aspas is without doubt the worst case from Marca’s report: in his entire season at Liverpool, it’s claimed he learned just one word: ‘Yes’.

The report surely exaggerates Aspas’ problems (‘No’ is the exact same in English and Spanish), but it’s fair to say Aspas definitely isn’t conversant in Scouse after his year on Merseyside.

And hey – 1 word is still more than the amount of Premier League goals he scored. Every cloud…