“I learn more about my team from the stands” says Tottenham manager Tim Sherwood, responding to fans’ criticism [Video]

Tottenham’s Tim Sherwood came under stinging criticism by his own fans last Sunday, after deciding to manage his club from the stands, rather than show presence on the sidelines of the pitch. Spurs away supporters were visibly unhappy and started singing “Where is our manager?” chants at Anfield.

The Spurs manager, who took up his now preferred seat in the directors’ box to watch the game, despite demands from the angry travelling fans for him to be more of a pitch-side presence, is convinced he is acting in the best long-term interests of the team.

“At 2:0 and the game going away from us I think I’m going to learn more about my players by sitting out there [in the stands] and getting a good look at it, rather than getting involved and maybe getting in trouble on the sidelines,” said Sherwood, adding “it was time for me to stop ranting and raving and take a step back and start assessing what we need for the future.”