How? Real Madrid’s Gareth Bale says he hasn’t done any weights to build increased muscle mass [Video]

Gareth Bale’s enhanced physique has been a big talking point during Real Madrid’s season.

With the summer off while he’s teammates sweated and slogged at the World Cup, it looked as though Bale had spent the summer throwing the weights around, returning with a seriously muscular physique, looking 5-10 kilos heavier than last season.

The new Super-Bale appeared in front of the media yesterday ahead of Real Madrid’s Super Cup final against Sevilla in Cardiff tonight.

Asked about his summer training regime and  ‘whether he’d put a stop to it now’ (as if it’s a bad thing!), Bale looked mildly bemused, and laughed:

‘I actually haven’t done anything!’

I did a bit of my own training during the summer, a bit of running, conditioning but nothing special.

Yeah, I’ve worked hard and feel in good shape.’

So there you have it, running and bodyweight conditioning are king.

(To be fair, the photos of him at training are slightly deceptive, the sunshine and contracted muscle giving an exaggerated effect.)