Horror Scenes: Chelsea thugs storm a group of Benfica supporters in Amsterdam, police use batons

A shameful video was recorded in the build up to the Europa League final on Wednesday.

Filmed by an eye-witness in the Dutch city centre, a group of Chelsea thugs were filmed terrifying and attacking a handful of Benfica supporters in a frightening incident of football violence.

The video caught the moment when Benfica fans, chilling in the streets of Amsterdam drinking beers and generally just hanging around, were set upon by a crowd of Chelsea supporters who were only too happy to beat up the Portuguese fans.

The most viscous moment came when one Benfica fan fell to the floor, only to find himself receiving a kicking from four Chelsea hooligans at the same time.

Dutch police quickly dispersed managed to regain control of the situation by wielding their batons and acting as a human wall in the middle of the narrow street.

The horrible footage of Chelsea fans attacking Benfica supporters can be seen below.