Horror Miss: Avine (Bahia) directs a header off the goalline vs Fluminense

Only six weeks after the Campeonato Brasileiro came to a close, the Brazilian football season is slowly picking up pace again with a series of friendlies and regional tournaments.

One such match on Sunday saw Fluminense edge Bahia 1-nil, however the contest should have ended in a draw.

With just 20 seconds left on the clock Bahia won a free-kick, affording them one last chance to throw the dice in an effort to score. A delicious left-footed set-play was curled towards the far post where Bahia centre-half Avine was located with the goal at his mercy.

Unmarked and a yard out, Avine seemed destined to plant a header in the back of the net. But, like a muppet, he got his bearings all wrong.

Rather than dooshing a header into the back of the net, Avine horribly headed the ball in the opposite direction.

Avine’s horrible headed FAIL can be seen here.


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