Horrific scenes in Italy as Napoli fans ambush Foggia supporters in the streets, torch a moving car to cinders

Violent thuggery was filmed on the streets of Vomero, Italy, on Saturday, as Foggia fans were attacked as they made their way home from their Serie D game at Campania by a gang of Napoli fans.

Napoli reportedly have a long standing football feud with Foggia, and that was evident in the outlandish ambush in broad daylight which was filmed by a local eye-witness.

Things kicked off when a bus transporting Foggia fans was set upon by the Napoli thugs in the middle of the street.

The thugs could be seen thumping on the vehicle’s windows, throwing lit flares in the direction of the bus, and generally terrorising the supporters locked inside.

But then matters got a whole lot more serious.

After the bus finally got away, the thugs turned their attention to a solitary Foggia fan driving a black car. Although not captured on film, somehow the Napoli hooligans managed to ‘smoke out’ the moving vehicle, and within a matter of minutes, after the driver abandoned his car, the vehicle was completely up in flares in dramatic scenes.

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Watch the shocking Napoli fans’ attack on Foggia supporters below.

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