Horrific! A whole stand collapsed at a football match in India, more than 100 people injured [Video]

A hugely distressing scene was recorded in India last weekend.

A brand new football stadium was opened in Bekal last weekend, and before the inaugural game, as a young barefooted boy was entertaining the crowd with keepy-uppies, a horrific accident occurred.

All of a sudden the stand behind one of goals collapsed and hundreds of fans came crashing down the earth.

According to reports, the stand was constructed with just iron rods and wooden planks. Moreover, sources said that the gallery was constructed without taking basic precautions and it is alleged that the poles were laid in piles of mud.

More than 100 fans were rushed to hospital after the horrific incident, and six people are in a serious condition.

Bekal police have since opened a criminal case against the organisers and those who responsible for building the stadium.

Shocking footage of the moment the stand collapsed can be seen in two distressing videos below.