Holy Crap! Gaston Cellerino (Union La Calera) KOs Mauricio Viana (Wanderers) with one of the craziest kung-fu kicks ever

26-year-old Union La Calera striker Gaston Cellerino is set to become famous for all the wrong reasons after he committed one of the most incredible assaults seen on a football field ever.

In the same bracket as the unforgettable assaults of Eric Cantona, Harold Schumacher or Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Gaston Cellerino is set for a mega-suspension after the Chilean centre-forward laid out Santiago Wanderers keeper Mauricio Viana with an outrageously vicious kung-fu kick.

So what happened.

The match between Wanderers and Union La Calera was a six-pointer at the wrong end of the Chilean top division, and with just a few seconds left to play the points were locked up for the hosts with a 2-nil advantage.

Then, in the 90th minute, matters got worse of Union as their attacker  Gaston Cellerino was sent off after collecting his second yellow card.

As Cellerino made his way off the field, the striker appeared to put two hands on Wanderers’ stopper Mauricio Viana (who aggressively got in the forward’s face), and the keeper took to opportunity to fall to the ground. That sparked a kerfuffle between the players, and not before long Viana was back on his feet and heading straight for Cellerino.

Then came the moment of mind-blowing madness.

As if impersonating Bruce Lee, Gaston Cellerino, without provokation, executed a full-bloodied kung-fu kick straight into the chest of Viana, and the custodian was laid out cold.

Watch Gaston Cellerino’s horrific assault below.