Hole in the net sees a referee chalk off a penalty (Gremio vs Marilia)

A Brazilian referee has courted criticism this week when the man in black chalked off a legal penalty after the ball travelled through a hole in the net.

The incident took place at the Sao Paulo youth tournament in the match between Gremio and Marilia. Gremio ran out 6-nil winners with midfielder Emerson netting a brilliant four goals, but Emerson should have had even better statistics to show off had his penalty not been wrongly disallowed.

Facing a spot-kick against the Marilia keeper, Emerson whacked a clinical strike into the top left hand corner. The ball clearly entered the goal inside the post, but his shot kept on travelling once it beat the keeper as it escaped the net through a hole.

Clearly not watching the play closely enough and seeing the ball end up behind the goal, referee Antonio Zampieri Ulysses covered himself in shame by chalking off the penalty.

The bizarre footage can be seen here.


This is not the first time something like this has happened in Brazil. Back in April 2010, unfashionable minnows Vera Cruz found themselves licking their wounds when, in their match against Central, a goal was disallowed after the ball escape the goal through a hole in the netting too. That footage can be seen here.