Hillsborough insults were updated on Wikipedia from government computers [Liverpool Echo]

The front page of Friday’s Liverpool Echo draws a fresh set of embarrassing questions on the government.

Helping strengthen the belief that their is institutional hatred towards Liverpool FC from members of the British government, fresh revelations have come to light showing that government computers have been used to insert insulting references into Wikipedia entries for the Hillsborough disaster.

The Echo has gone about listing many of the upsetting Wikipedia entries, which have been going on since 2009.

Including in the offences are the following distressing comments on the open-source online encyclopedia.

Comments such as “Blame Liverpool fans”, “You’ll never walk again” and later “You’ll never w*** alone” have all been updates now located to IP addresses of government computers. The Echo continues:

A further amendment from a government machine includes changes to the phrase “This is Anfield”, which appears above the players’ tunnel at the club’s ground, to “This is a S***hole.”

The words “nothing for the victims of the Heysel stadium disaster” were also added to a description of the Hillsborough memorial at the Reds’ stadium.

Sheila Coleman of the Hillsborough Justice Campaign described the edits as “absolutely disgusting” and said the families of the victims would demand a formal inquiry… “I’m just completely appalled, my God. It’s shocking that these comments came from within the government, no matter how spurious.”