Hilarious medical advances are spotted in Romanian 5th division with the motorised wheelbarrow

You know something crazy has happened when a team wins 9-0 and that’s not the main story after the game.

A Romanian 5th division match has been pressed into the public sphere after it featured one of the most hilarious medical advances seen, possibly ever, in a football match.

Politehnica Timisoara beat Timisul Urseni 9-0 on Saturday, however the standout moment of the match arrived when a player fell down injured only to be taken off the pitch by a motorised wheelbarrow.

With a medical sticker slapped on the side of the makeshift human transporter, the motorised wheelbarrow drew loud cheers from the 400-strong crowd on the sidelines, and the cheers grew even louder when the felled player celebrated sitting in vehicle as he exited the pitch.

Watch the oustanding footage below.

(Spotted on Prosport.ro)