Hilarious! Captain Thomas Vermaelen got the Arsenal mascot to hide Spurs’ crest during the pre-game pomp [Vine]

An Arsenal fan made a comedy video at the start of the North London Derby by recording an incident in reverse.

The video made it seem like Arsenal captain Thomas Vermaelen pulled a brilliant stunt before the kick off with Tottenham, as the Arsenal captain trolled his opponents via a young mascot in the pre-game pomp.

As Vermaelen was stood next to a linesman in the pre-game handshake line, the Belgian defender instructed his mascot to turn a placard with Spurs’ crest and club information.

Of course the opposite was indeed what really happened – Vermaelen got the mascot to reveal the Spurs plaque for the cameras – however most people were happily duped into enjoying the video in reverse.

Watch the hilarious Vine video of the incident below, along with a GIF of what really happened.

Thomas Vermelaen