He’s a joke! Nicklas Bendtner hits out at everyone (including Arsenal) in an exclusive interview [Berlingske]

BendtnerIdiotSecond choice striker at Arsenal, Nicklas Bendtner has become something of a joke after failing to live up to his early promise.

The Danish striker today gave an exclusive interview with Danish newspaper Berlingske.

The pathetic excuse for a footballer claimed he was ready to leave Arsenal this summer but was forced to stay. Approximately 0% chance that is true.

He went on to moan about how difficult life is for him before criticising the media for criticising him.

“I had it all in place, there were three clubs who were just waiting for me to say yes to one of them.

“It was not the mindset I had (staying at Arsenal). I was incredibly disappointed when he (Wenger) called because I was ready to move on. And I actually did not think that they wanted to keep me.”

“When I’d been at the club since I was 16, I found it totally ridiculous that they had put me in the reserves and let me train myself. Suddenly everything was back to normal: I trained with the first team, I hung out with the first team, I had a dietitian again.”

“I have to fight twice as hard during every game and also score to have a chance to start next time, which in itself is hard when I haven’t hardly played in a year due to injury and have not had a pre-season with the others on the team.

“Right now I’m the easy prey to them because I want to get away from the club, and Arsenal do not want to keep me. And these haters – they always choose the easy option.”

Bendtner claims he kept silent about all the criticism but can’t anymore, despite insisting he doesn’t care what people say about him.

“Sometimes silence is the best weapon. I have intentionally not participated in interviews over the past six months. I have not told you what I feel.  

“So much was written about me. Some of it is unfortunately true, but half of it is outright lies. But when people before the Italy match claimed that I suddenly couldn’t play football anymore – when all of a sudden my personality and my talent is under attack, then it was too much. I read every day in the newspapers that I was lethargic during training and not even bothering to hit the target. We play on Saturday, and then you get to see, I thought. 

“But it doesn’t touch me. It can’t. Even the smallest bone in my body wasn’t moved when I read what you had written, and heard what you have said about me. And believe me, I’ve heard sooo much b*******. 

“There were so many lies in the stories. And there are many journalists I will never talk to again. But I will not deny that it was a crazy time for me. There was so much in my life, and much of it was negative.”

“I cannot walk around and behave in a way so that all Danes are pleased. Well, I smoke cigars occasionally. If I feel like it, it’s what I do. I do not care, many do not think that a footballer can afford to do it. Think about it: Back in time, all players smoked. There was not a problem. All of a sudden, some things changed and footballers should be these faceless role models. To this I say once and for all: Change I won’t. I have to be ME. And if someone has a sore ass that I am red wine collector or drive expensive cars, then it’s their problem. It can never be my problem. “