Heroes in White & Blue: Is this the greatest Tottenham song EVER?!

The off-season gives football fans plenty of time to think up ways to pay homage to their favourite teams and the lads from @whatasavedotcom appear to have put in a lot of effort creating “Heroes in White & Blue” – surely the most comprehensive Tottenham song ever!

Andrew Magee and Ollie Smyth are responsible for the tune below which mentions almost every Spurs player past and present, in a tune inspired by Dave Henson’s homage to Leicester (see second video below).

Whilst big names such as Gareth Bale, Andre Villas-Boas, David Ginola, Gary Lineker, Jimmy Greaves, Martin Chivers and Bill Nicholson all make an appearance, even the most ardent Tottenham fans may have already forgotten Kazuyuki Toda.

Ultimately, its the likes of Alan Hutton, Garry Doherty and Stephane Dalmat that presumably mean Spurs fans can treasure Gareth Bale just that little bit more.