Hate breeds hate : Coritba fans take Lucas Moura’s jersey from young girl and throw it back at him

Brazilian football is famed for its passion, but its supporters all too often show fandom at its ugliest.

A small group of Coritiba fans did just that following their side’s draw with Sao Paulo.

Lucas Moura, who is held as a role model throughout Brazil with a huge fan base that transcends club rivalries, gave his shirt to one such young Coritiba fan; but no sooner had he done so, a group of hateful Coritiba fans surrounded the girl like a pack of wild hyenas
and prised the Sao Paulo shirt from her, throwing it back at the shocked star.

Happily, once the beasts had cleared the area and the tension had calmed, Lucas Moura managed to catch up with the young girl to give her his Sao Paulo shirt once again.

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