Hasta La Victoria Siempre! Brazilian club Madureira emblazon iconic image of Che Guevara on their shirts in marketing stunt

Ernesto Che Guevara was famously a football fan, indeed a socio of his local Rosario Central, but though his image has often been present in stadiums at anarchic clubs like Sankt Pauli, El Argentino would never have envisaged becoming an icon to a Brazilian club.

Which is what he now his, whether he posthumously likes it or not.

3rd Divison club Maduereira have  emblazoned their shirt with the iconic Che image in a pretty blatant marketing coup.

Originally a simple gesture to their Cuban hosts on a pre-season tour of Cuba, Madureira then decided to keep the shirts throughout the season after sales went through the roof.

So much so that club President Elias Duba said: ‘The factory can’t keep up with the demand. We’re on 10 sales per week, and have passed 3,000.’

Not bad for a 3rd Division club.

Probably a harmless enough stunt…until Rosario Central hear about it.