Harry Redknapp goes back to Portsmouth and gets heckled

Forgive us for playing up to stereotypes, but only an Artful Dodger like Harry Redknapp could have behaved as he did yesterday in Portsmouth, returning to the club just days after walking out on them to receive the freedom of the city for his achievements of winning the FA Cup last season.

While many in the press, including Harry himself, have led us to believe that this is a win-win situation for all, footage from yesterday’s ceremony clearly showed how not everyone is on the Redknapp bandwagon. ‘Arry was forced to fend off hecklers as he addressed the fans on whom he just turned his back after having moved to Tottenham.

Acting like the true politician, Redknapp placated the Pompey fans by taking the opportunity to talk about Tony Adams, wishing him all the luck in his new role as the top dog at the club.

Harry Redknapp’s speech can be seen here.

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