Happy Slappy: Thiago Motta vs Mario Balotelli (at the Italian pre-Euro 2012 photo shoot)

Days after stating “if someone throws a banana at me in the street, I will go to prison because I will kill him,” Mario Balotelli has got involved in a bout of fisty-cuffs.

Happily the cause had nothing to do with racism; rather it was a classic case of Super Mario shenanigans.

As the Italian team lined-up like a class of schoolboys for their photo shoot ahead of Euro 2012, Manchester City forward Balotelli and PSG midfielder Thiago Motta got involved in a silly fight.

Prankster Balotelli started the flare-up by messing with Motta’s tie, and Thiago retaliated with a slap on the back of the attacker’s head.

Watch the Motta versus Balotelli clash here. 

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