Happy Birthday, Ryan: Joey Barton calls Giggs a ‘wrongun’ for having affair with brother’s wife, followed by spurious allegation

Trust Joey B to upset the apple cart.

While everyone was lauding Giggs on his 40th birthday yesterday, Barton flew in from leftfield to remind everyone that the Welshman did have a 7 year affair with his brother’s wife, making him a ‘wrongun’ in his eyes, and a ‘cunt’.

Which is a fair enough opinion of Giggs’ incestuous past, but to bring it up on his 40th birthday seemed pretty mean-spirited, and needless.

More, Barton made a pretty spurious allegation, qualifying it with ‘allegedly’, that Giggs got Rhodri’s wife pregnant and aborted the child, a rumour that was far from common knowledge until Barton decided to tweet it.

And of course not to mention that Barton speaking with authority on brotherhood is pretty ironic.

Barton’s hardcore rant against Giggs on his 40th birthday is below in tweets.