Handball? Should Kevin Prince Boateng’s goal v Barcelona have been allowed?

Absolutely no doubt what the big talking point of the night was at the San Siro.

Not only will this decision rage on for some time, as it stands, it looks like Kevin Prince Boateng’s goal will be absolutely crucial in the denouement to this tie.

In the 56th minute, with AC Milan and Barcelona goalless, following very few incidents, a free-kick was touched right to Riccardo Montolivo who smacked it on goal.

The ball appears to take a deflection, off Jordi Alba’s hand, but clearly hits Cristian Zapata’s hand/s and falls into the path of Kevin Prince Boateng who fires home almost immediately.

All the Barcelona players raised their hands straight away to call for handball. Gerard Pique was booked for arguing too vociferously.

Scottish referee Craig Thomson had a massive call and allowed the goal. It appears from the video below that the official had a good view of Zapata handling.

According to FIFA’s Laws of the Game, a free-kick or penalty is awarded if a player “handles the ball deliberately (except for the goalkeeper within his own penalty area)”.

However, there is little further explanation, with plenty left up to individual referees to interpret and you could have easily seen either outcome in this situation.

Video and GIF below. Have your say in the poll and comments below.

UPDATE: Proof that Zapata did not handle the ball deliberately for KPB goal v Barcelona [GIF & video].

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