Handbags at nine paces: Lorik Cana (Marseille) vs Arnaud Le Lan (Lorient)

It was another great weekend for everyone hoping that Lyon will finally not win Ligue 1, as the seven-time champions lost more ground at Bordeaux, while league leaders Marseille increased their hold of the top spot after Brandao’s late winner earned them a victory at mid-table Lorient.

But just before the final whistle at the Lorient-OM match, there was still time for one of the girliest scuffles of the season to break out as visiting captain Lorik Cana began wrestling with Lorient’s Arnaud Le Lan over a disputed throw-in with just two minutes left of play.

More rugby than football, Lorik Cana used all his might to hold onto the ball despite being pushed around by Le Lan, the pair eventually taking their tussle to the turf where a few punches were thrown, but thankfully missed their targets.

Unsurprisingly, both Cana and Le Lan were sent off for their troubles.

The girly fight can be seen here.