Mexico keeper Guillermo Ochoa DOES NOT have 6 fingers on one hand! Its a big hoax!

The picture above is a photoshop, a joke or hoax.

It is not true!

So, we are not sure exactly when this started but an old rumour cropped up again on social media during Brazil v Mexico.

Guillermo Ochoa made some stunning first half saves for Mexico – so good he was compared to Gordon Banks – that an old wives tale cropped up.

We think it is based on a suggestion from 2012, perhaps an April’s Fools joke – that Ochoa had failed to move to Fulham due to having six fingers.

This evening, the six finger Ochoa joke has been retweeted and spread on social media.

It is a major hoax.

In Mexico they must be pissing themselves!

If anyone knows the origins or backgrounds of the hoax, please let us know…